Breathe Bell Tents Australia provide one year warranty against manufacturer defects in the canvas. This warranty cannot be extended to the poles or zips as these are often misused. The Breathe Bell Tents warranty is applicable only to our Australian customers and is not transferable.

The warranty does not cover professional and long term use. If a professional user buys a tent and reports a manufacturing problem within the first month we will consider it under the warranty. However after 28 days use it becomes a permanent structure and it is therefore not being used for the purpose it was sold for (i.e. a tent for camping).

If a private individual buys and then erects one of our tents semi-permenantly we will cover manufacturing defects for the length of the warranty but this does not cover mould, mildew or UV deterioration as we have no control over the conditions the tent is left up in.

Your consumer legal rights may still apply after the warranty expires.