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Anevay Portable Camping Stove Australia Glamping Bell Tents
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Frontier Stove Anevay Complete with heat mat and suitcase


Originally designed for disaster relief, this wonderfully designed compact stove is lightweight and carries like a suitcase. All of the stove components stow away inside the firebox, virtually eliminating sooty messes during transportation. It even comes with its own stove jack and exhaust damper.

“The one experience I have with the stove, it was 2 deg C outside and we were burning compressed sawdust logs as fuel. The stove put out more than enough heat to keep us feeling toasty all night long, I didn’t even zip my sleeping bag up. Hopefully I get to give it a real test in the next few weeks. It looks like we will be camping at an altitude of just under 1,500m, with a forecast of -5 deg C over night, with snow during the day, I will let you know how it goes.

Product Description

The Frontier Stove

This wonderful stove is the perfect match to our bell tents.
The Frontier Stove features 3 collapsible legs to not only keep it at a safe distance from the floor of your tent, but to provide a wide, stable platform at the perfect height to cook on. The top of the Frontier is flat for even heat distribution and features a removable cooking lid. The removable ash tray under the locking door helps catch coals and ash as you stoke the fire. The damper located in the exhaust pipe allows you to control heat output, maximizing fuel efficiency. As the Frontier is a top-exit stove, we include a stove jack so you can install your stove wherever you need it most. When it’s time to pack away, all of the components of the Frontier store away neatly inside the firebox, which is carried by the attached handle.


  • Frontier stove unit
  • Folding legs
  • Flashing kit
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Stove jack : Exit I Mini

Heat Mat

Made from fire retardant canvas and reinforced with fibre glass coated silicon rubber, the heat proof mat is perfect to protect your bell tent groundsheet  against any stray sparks.

Position the Frontier stove near the end of the mat, the two rear legs of the stove standing into the two smaller circles near the back and the front leg being fitted into place in the middle of the larger circle.

The Suitcase

Quality carry bag which enables you to compactly transport your Frontier stove without any hassle.

  • Made from Oxford Polyester which has been reinforced for your safety.
  • Equipped with a small pocket on the front for smaller accessories.
  • Has a zipper running along the edges of the bag and two additional straps.


  • It is important to be educated with regards to carbon monoxide poisoning associated with the use of wood stoves inside tents. Always extinguish a heat source before going to sleep. We highly advise the use of a spark mat under your stove. Breathe Bell Tents is not liable for any damage or injury resulting in the use of any manner of flame or heat source inside of any tent supplied by Breathe Bell Tents.
  • Our stoves cannot be used in houses, as they are not CE approved nor marked as such. The frontier stove can be fitted in caravans, tents, shelters, vehicles, etc. Always consult a stove installing professional prior to installing a stove into your bell tent. 
  • 14-day money back guarantee. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.


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