Where to Buy a Canvas Tent in Australia: This Company has Glamping Tents for Sale in Australia


Like most activities these days, people have found ways to improve and glamorise camping. Throughout Europe and the United States, glamping – a portmanteau of glamour and camping – has become a widely popular spin on traditional camping. Tourists and adventure enthusiasts who seek the luxury of hotels but still want the escapism of camping will often take part in glamping. People will purchase lavish, beautiful canvas tents that provide nearly the same levels of comfort and luxury that hotels do. These bell tents will often have sturdier support, excellent canvas material, and lots of interior space for beds and other furniture that regular outdoor tents don’t offer. With such a focus on comfort and luxury, it’s no wonder that glamping is gaining popularity in Australia.

At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, we offer a wide selection of canvas tents for sale. Our canvas tents come in multiple sizes allowing for beds and other furniture to fit comfortably inside, making for some of the finest, most glamorous camping you’ll ever experience. After you buy one of our bell tents and enjoy the luxury, you’ll never want to camp any other way.

How to Care for Your Canvas Tent

The canvas tents we have for sale at Breathe Bell Tents Australia are meant to have long lifespans so that you can get years of glamping enjoyment out of them. To ensure you have a bell tent that will last a lifetime, you need to understand how to care for it properly.

As soon as your canvas tent arrives, you’ll need to season the canvas. Seasoning canvas is done by setting up your tent – likely in your home’s front or backyard – on damp or dewy nights so that it absorbs some moisture and then dries well during the day. If you’re not comfortable leaving your tent up unattended overnight, simply hose it with clean water and allow it to dry, repeating the cycle three times. Once your tent has been wet and dry, the canvas and cotton stitching will swell and fill the stitching holes, which will reduce leaks. Make sure you let your tent dry completely before storing it, as a damp canvas can lead to mould or mildew growth, which can break down the canvas.

Once you’ve seasoned your tent and taken it on a camping excursion, make sure always to keep it clean. Regularly brush the inside and outside of the canvas with a soft bristle brush and gently hose the tent with fresh, cold water. This will ensure that no harmful materials, such as sand or mud, remain on your tent and damage it over time.

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We hope these handy canvas care tips help your tents last for a long time. When you’re in the market to buy a canvas tent, browse our store page for a fantastic selection of tents in many different sizes. At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, we offer quality products for sale at affordable prices. Our goal is to help you fall in love with the outdoors with the help of our luxurious tents. For more information or if you have any questions, call us on 1800 940 402 or contact us here.