Buy Teepee Tent for Camping in Australia

The Native American Teepee is a familiar sight in popular media. Roomy and comfortable, it was the primary choice for housing for several prominent Native American tribes who lived on the American plains. While no longer in daily use in North America, you can find a teepee tent in Australia, only it’s known as a bell or Sibley tent. Also, roomy and comfortable, this modern-day teepee tent for camping is one of the best designed and most durable tents available.

If you would like to buy a teepee tent in Australia, then you need to come and see us at Breathe Bell Tents Australia. Located in Maroubra Beach, we import and offer a variety of models and sizes of bell tents for sale, all based on our designs that we’ve created after listening to the feedback from our many customers. These 100% cotton canvas tents are not only incredibly well-made, but their history gives them a romantic sense of nostalgia. We promise you’ll love these tents for many years and find many uses for them.

A bell tent is an ideal teepee tent for Australia

As we mentioned above, you are probably familiar with the design of the North American teepee from movies and TV shows. What you may not know is that the teepee was the model for the famous bell or Sibley tent. Henry Hopkins Sibley patented his design for his tent in 1858 after spending years researching Native American tipis. His original tents were much like the ones used by Native Americans – they had a round hole at the top for smoke to escape and a fire pit in the centre.

His tents were very popular, and you’ve probably seen photos of them in use by soldiers during the American Civil War in the 1860s. Sadly, Sibley never received any payment for the use of his patent because he resigned from the US Army to join the Confederate Army in 1861.

A quick look through history books shows that these tents were much in demand by explorers and archaeologists in the first part of the 20th century. The Sibley tent was also enormously popular in Australia between the 1880s and 1940s. They were the choice of Anzac troops during the First World War. Over the years, the design has developed into today’s famous bell tent: lightweight, stylish, comfortable and extremely simple to erect by one person.

Luxury glamping in a bell tent for sale from Breathe Bell Tents Australia

While it may be hard to find a genuine teepee tent for sale anymore, were happy to outfit you in one of its more comfortable descendants. These days you’re liable to find anything in a bell tent, including lights, a bed, a table and chairs, even a refrigerator on occasion. That’s why these tents are useful for so much more than just camping. They’re ideal for wedding parties, accommodating houseguests when your home is full, lovely shade spots for garden parties, and the outside refuge of your children’s dreams.

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