For the camping-addicted! Heavy duty canvas tents for sale

Whether it’s the height of summer, or the midst of winter, no matter if rain or hail will fall, your place to be is far away from Australia’s packed cities. Outdoors is where you thrive. There, you can breathe fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun prickling your nose, or the sharp wind biting your ears. That’s what life is all about! Your feet are made for walking, your eyes for seeing the many marvellous sights and natural wonders Australia offers.

Wherever you go, your abode goes with you

For many years, your lightweight, yet heavy-duty canvas tent for camping has been your constant travelling companion. You cannot even begin to count the number of kilometres the two of you spent together on roads, over streams, or through the open grassland. Sadly, those numerous trips have left your faithful friend scarred by wind, weather, and other hardship. You take old tear-aid to repair another hole, but realise it’s no use. You sigh as you decide that if you want to continue your adventurous lifestyle, you have no other option but finding a new tent.

When you browse the internet to find heavy-duty canvas tents for sale, take a closer look at Breathe Bell Tents Australia. Consider our bell tents, made from 100% cotton canvas, breathable, durable, and coated with waterproofing agent to always withstand the elements. Discover the Ultimate PRO range with a zipped groundsheet. Its design is perfect for camping ‘professionals’ such as yourself. Instead of going for the 3m diameter which is the smallest size, why not grant yourself a 4m diameter? The difference in weight between these sizes is negligible, and you will enjoy the touch of luxury, especially when you’re in the midst of the wilderness eating mushrooms you collected yourself while sipping a glass of Shiraz. Let your friends think you’re missing out on much, as you’re always roaming the country. You know better.

Find more than only heavy-duty canvas tents for sale

At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, you’ll spot not only heavy-duty tents for camping but also exciting additions such as the Fire Away Fire Pit. While still in its packing, this miniature stove takes up hardly any room. It is simple to unfold, and with minimum hassle, you’ll get a safe, long-lasting fire started.

The Bell Tent Entrance Shelter is another practical accessory to create a protective porch for your tent. It stands to reason that the oval-shaped shelter is made of the same robust canvas as your bell tent.

Also, consider making an appointment for a demonstration at Maroubra Beach. While you may know everything there is to know about assembling and dismounting your tent, we have tonnes of camping tips, recipes, and – most important of all – pointers on how to keep the canvas of your new tent in tiptop shape.

At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, you’re sure to find a new and reliable mate quickly, so you can continue your life of adventure with days of discovering new places, and nights of watching the stars.