Looking to Buy Camping Equipment? Breathe Bell Tents Australia Offers Luxury Tents for Sale

The days of “roughing it” on outdoor excursions are over. There’s a new type of camping that’s quickly gaining popularity in Australia, Europe, and America. It’s called glamping (glamour plus camping), and it revolves around the idea that enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature doesn’t mean that you must sleep on the cold, damp ground in a sleeping bag at night. People who enjoy glamping have developed their own luxurious, comfort-focused equipment that offers the same connection with the Outdoors as your basic camping gear does, but adds a level of hotel-like accommodation. Luxury tents for camping have become an immensely popular item, offering many uses even outside of weekend trips to the wilderness.

At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, we offer a wide selection of luxury tents for sale. We focus on top-quality canvas tents that provide our customers with protection from weather elements like rain, as well as ample space for comfortable sleeping arrangements. Our tents come in multiple sizes, and we use only the best canvas, mosquito mesh, zips, and guys ropes to secure and protect them. If you’re looking for luxury tents for sale, you’ve come to the right place.

The Many Uses of Luxury Camping Tents

No one ever said that these luxury tents only have to be used for camping. It’s luxury accommodation, after all. Thanks to their incredible quality and large interiors, these canvas tents are perfect for an extra room or makeshift guest room. If you have multiple house guests, maybe one too many, and don’t have enough rooms in your home to accommodate everyone, set up your brand-new canvas tent and offer a night of rustic luxury to one of your guests. Or, you could save it for yourself and enjoy a little escape right in your backyard.

Maybe you and your loved one have been searching for that dream summer house, but still can’t quite afford it. Turn your bell tent into a summer home. With such sturdy and secure zips and short guy rope poles, these tents are nearly as stable as houses. You can set them up and leave them up for weeks while you enjoy the summer season. Luxury bell tents are perfect for weddings also. If you want to have a unique wedding, you should consider purchasing a bell tent for your wedding from us.

Or, if you have children, why not set up your luxury tent as a cubby house for them? They make perfect playhouses for kids, and they’ll offer protection from rain and bugs if they decide they want to sleep outdoors over the weekend. Regardless of what you choose to do with your canvas tents, they don’t need to sit in storage until you’re ready for your next camping excursion.

About Us

At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, we collaborate with customers that want to buy canvas tents to help them pick out the perfect one for their needs. We focus on quality in every aspect of our business, including customer service. Our customer care extends long past your tent purchase. If you have questions about properly caring for your tent, we’ll be happy to answer those for you anytime.

When you’re looking for luxury tents to buy, we hope you’ll choose ours. You won’t be disappointed.