6m Protech Double Door Bell Tent



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The 6m Protech Double Door Bell Tents is the ideal space for: entertaining, a meeting space or temporary glamping accomodation.

This tent has the added mesh wall feature which allows the canvas sides to be rolled up during the heat of the day and the mesh wall zipped in place. The mesh wall is always present, on initially rolling the tent out of the back the canvas wall is zipped in place and this allows for easy pitching of the tent. The mesh wall is rolled up and toggled in place along the top of the 60cm walls.
Should you decide you want the mesh walls in place the canvas walls are unzipped all the way round to the back, the canvas walls rolled up and toggled away and the mesh walls zip to the same zip of the groundsheet. So the walls are interchangeable, either you have the canvas wall in place or the mesh wall:

Our largest bell tent. Fits four king sized beds comfortably and as many as 16 single mattresses.

Weighing more than 50kg’s this is not for the faint hearted, but the result is stunning and the possibilities are endless.



6m 100% Cotton Canvas Protech Bell Tent with Mesh Sides and Double Door Specifications:

  • Heavy duty 100% breathable cotton canvas (360 g/m²).
  • Heavy duty PVC ground sheet attached to the tent with a zipper. Groundsheet PVC weighs 650 g/m². (Zip off ground sheet enables the ground sheet to be unzipped and sides rolled up during the day. The zip facilitates the re-attachment of the ground sheet and has a protective cover which ensures rain water will not enter between the ground sheet and the tent. This is much harder to achieve with a separate ground sheet).
  • Waterproof. Our tents arrive with a waterproofing agent on them. The tent does need to be ‘seasoned’, where the tent is pitched and hosed down which allows the fibres of the canvas to expand and ensures that the tent becomes completely water tight. With time the tent will need to be re-waterproofed. With camping it can take many years before the tent will need to be re-waterproofed. If using in a semi permanent situation we recommend re-waterproofing every 4-24 weeks.
  • A-frame covered Entrance (178cm/5.84ft high) this creates a porch to stop the rain from coming in. Without this feature the tent is harder to access and more likely to leak along the entrance flap.
  • Zipped front door for fast access. The corners of the doors have a flap for cable access
  • Our tents are European tested to BS5852 standards. This is the ‘cigarette test’, which shows that the tent will not ignite when burnt by the likes of a cigarette.
  • Canvas is treated to be water and mould resistant using biodegradable products.
  • Can be fitted with the specially designed Sibley/Bell tent stoves.
  • 4 windows complete with integrated mosquito nets.
  • Takes 1-2 people only 10 minutes to pitch.
  • Double stitching and reinforced key points.
  • Heavy duty pegs.
  • Mesh door.
  • Mesh sides.
  • UV coated guy ropes (5 mm) and a storm proof spring loaded steel tent pole (32 mm).
  • Central pole: Ø 32 mm
  • All our tents are natural sandstone in colour. They may whiten a little with time. We appreciate the classical nature of these natural canvas tents and do not produce other colours for this reason.
  • Beautifully made, finest quality.
  • This tent arrives in two boxes one for the poles and another for the tent.
  • Matching Canvas Carry Bag.
  • Double Door.
  • Ultimate tents are suitable for camping all year round.
  • 6m diameter Protech Bell Tent fits 4 KING-sized beds and will sleep up to 16 children comfortably. This is also the perfect communal/meeting tent sitting as many as 25 adults.

6m diameter Bell Tent Dimensions (Size and Weight)

  • Diameter: 600cm
  • Center Pole Height: 355cm
  • Two A-frame doors height: 185cm
  • Door width: 235cm
  • Floor space: 28.3m2
  • Side Wall Height: 60cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Boxed Dimensions: Tent: 120cmx46cmx30cm, Poles: 110cmx23cmx13cm
  • From door to door 560cm

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