Bell Tent Connector




Canvas tent connector that fits any Bell Tent and can be used to connect two bell tents, regardless of size.

Ideal for use with the second door on the 6m Twin and 6m Double Door Bell Tents. The awning can be slid over the metal pin of the A frame of your bell tent. It is held in place with a lockable wing nut, preventing the wind from getting hold of it.

The Bell Tent Connector can also be used as a shelter.

Includes extra poles allowing the for different set options.



  • Like our PRO tents, the awning is made from high-quality 360 g/m² cotton.
  • Fits any Sibley tent, even our largest models.
  • Can be used either as an awning or to connect two Sibley tents.
  • The shelter/connector’s shape can be adjusted to fit your needs as well as the (weather) circumstances.
  • The telescopic pole can easily be adjusted to fit any Sibley tent (5’6″ to 7’5″). When you aim to connect the shelter to one of our smaller Sibley models, you can remove the lower part of the pole and fit the stopper.
  • Can be used to create an extra (cooking) space in front of the tent.
  • Takes one person only 4 minutes to pitch.


The Sibley Bell Tent Connector is more wind resistant than similar awnings thanks to its shape, dimensions and the two additional lockable nuts. Moreover, the awning has been designed to perfectly fit the door of any Sibley tent. If you want the awing to fit a smaller Sibley tent, remove the bottom section of the vertical pole and reattach the pole base.


  • Sibley Bell Tent Connector: 14’3″ long, 4’9″ wide at the ridge, 5’9″ wide at the ends
  • Telescopic pole: 5’6″ – 7’5″ max
  • Horizontal pole: 4’9″
  • 4 long PRO guy ropes
  • 4 pegs
  • Carry bag
  • Poles and pegs are included.

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