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Imagine waking in your bell tent to the smell of bread baking in your oven, baking a cake for afternoon tea or cooking a roast on when it is freezing cold outside.

The Orland Oven is compatible with our Orland stove.


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Orland Glamping Stove Oven Compatible with Orland Stove for Bell Tent Camping

The Orland Oven is compatible with our Orland stove.

Assembly instructions available here.

Start baking in your canvas tent!  The Orland Oven is the best accessory for glamping with a wood burning tent stove.  Compatible with both the Orland Camp Stove and Orland Tent Stove.  Ideal for baking bread, muffins, woodfired pizza, lasagna, and casseroles.  Take your camp cuisine to the next level!

Key Features of the Orland Oven

Collapsible:  The oven can be completely disassembled and stored flat to save space in transport.


Fire Brick Base:  The Orland oven includes a firebrick tile which lays at the base of the oven, preventing hot spots and radiating heat for even baking.


Baking sheet:  Includes a stainless-steel baking sheet as a cooking surface to keep your firebrick clean.


Temperature gauge:  Baking is all about time and temperature.  The Orland Oven has an integrated thermometer on the front to indicate the temperature inside the oven.  The Orland is handmade in Denmark, thus the thermometer reads in Celsius.


Lid Handle: The stop of the Orland Oven has a handle on the lid for easy access.


Note: If you are adding an Orland Oven to a side exit stove set up, you may need the Sibley Base for Bell Tents (sold separately) to lower the clearance on the firebox to keep it a safe distance from the tent canopy.


Total weight (kg / lbs) 15.3 / 33.7
Length 32cm (12.5″)
Width 36cm (14″)
Height 14cm (5.5″)


  • 7pc steel stove body
  • Baking stone

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