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Extra space for cooking on your Gstove

Get more cooking space and heat on your Gstove Tentstove




Gstove tentstoves is small, compact and effective tentstoves, but sometimes you want more space to cook on.

Now the solution is finally here!

Gstove Pipe Cookingspace can be ounted on any pipesection, and gives you a effective space to cook on, this so you can cook on two surfaces at the same time.
This makes it easier when you are several people on trips together to cook food for everyone at once.

Gstove Pipe Cookingspace is not only giving you the extra cooking space with high effect.
The flames from the Gstove tentstove hits directly in the middle of the Gstove Cooking space that gives this high effect, but at the same time gives you one more element that heats up and generates more heat inside your tent, that again increases the comfort on the cold days and nights.

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