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Short Guy Poles give you the ability to shorten the guy lines on a Bell Tent whilst maintaining the proper angle and tension necessary for a solid pitch.

Simple, strong, and easy to install;Short Guy Rope Poles achieve a perfect pitch with only 1-2 feet of guy line.

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The single pole conical design of the bell tent relies on long, gently sloping guy lines that give the tent it’s shape and stability.

Ideally guy lines are staked approximately 1m from the tent in line with the seams, a continuation of the angle of decent from the peak to the eaves all the way to the ground.

Large diameter bell tents are excellent for glamping and accommodating larger groups or families, however, an additional 8-12 feet of space for appropriate guy line placement isn’t always available or convenient. Trying to fit a bell tent into a limited space at a campground or festival by shortening the guy lines and staking them closer to the tent than recommended changes the angle of the canvas and the tension on the tent. Cheating on guy line placement puts extra strain on the poles and can cause the peak to rip out, seams to pull, the canopy to baffle in the wind, and rain to run off into your tent.

Enter Short Guy Poles (SGPs)! Roughly 2 feet long, these nickel-plated steal poles securely hold the guy line just beyond the eve at the correct angle and allow you stake your guy line just a foot away from the tent. The guy line tensioner should be half way between the ground and the tent, allowing you to make micro adjustments to keep the canvas taut even as it settles and stretches during use.

Every set of Short Guy Poles includes a custom carry bag and 14 poles.

SGP’s have a smooth plastic notch on the top to hold the guy line securely without cutting or wearing on the rope. A hard plastic spike is inset into the bottom of the pole to provide traction on the ground and prevent slipping. The rounded cone shaped design of the traction spike allows the pole to be adjusted without bending it as you slide the top notch up or down the guy line, in order to fine tune the angle of the eave for proper rain runoff and prevent water from pooling.

SGP’s do not need to be used on every guy line. If you’re space only requires short guy lines on a few sides of the tent, feel free to use SGP’s in conjunction with traditional long-line pitches.

For high wind conditions and long term use SGP’s may not be appropriate for all applications or users.



Achieve a perfect pitch with guy lines staked 50cm away from your bell tent instead of 1m.

  • Nickel plated steel poles
  • Smooth plastic guy notch
  • Anti-slip traction spike
  • Fits any Sibley
  • Custom Carry bag


  • 14 Short Guy Poles
  • 5/8” diameter nickel plated steel
  • 24.5” long


• 14 Short Guy Poles
• Custom Carry Bag

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