Tear Aid – Bell Tent Repair for Tears and Holes




Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair patch that can be used to repair tears and holes in practically all materials. Tear-Aid is extremely strong and very elastic. Tear-Aid is no temporarily solution, it is a permanent repair patch which deserves a place in both your outdoor and indoor equipment.

Tear-Aid repairs: tent cover, canvas, rubber (inflatable-) boats, umbrellas, raincoatsjackets and bags. Tear-Aid can also be used to repair products like aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass and more.



  • All fabrics but PVC/Vinyl


  • 30×8 cm
  • extremely strong
  • watertight
  • airtight
  • very elastic
  • does not fade
  • very versatile
  • does not dry out
  • permanent

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