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Heat Protector Chimney G2 3.5″
Strongly recommended where your chimney pipe exits the stove jack in your tent or shelter, the Winnerwell® 3.5” Heat Protector Chimney Section is compatible with the Woodlander and Nomad series L-sized wood burning stoves. The double wall design prevents the hot flue pipe from directly contacting your exit point. The exterior diameter is 4.7 inches and is designed to fit perfectly with Winnerwell® Silicone Flashing Kit. 


Plug Heat Protector Chimney into stove pipe at the position going through stove jack, one or more sections of Heat Protector Chimney will be needed based on usage.
If needed, you can purchase Short Pipe 3.5” (SKU 910366) separately and use it to adjust the height position of the Heat Protector.
WARNING: 1. If to use the Heat Protector Chimney G2 3.5” only without the use of Flashing Kit, there will be potential risk of melting or burning the tents.
                   2. The Heat Protector Chimney G2 3.5” must be installed on the third or higher than the third section chimney pipe of the stove.
Material: AISI304
Pipe Length: 430mm / 16.9in 
Inner Pipe Diameter: 89mm / 3.5in
Weight: 1.57kg / 3.46lbs

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