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Introducing our most recent stove Winnerwell Nomad View – Large.

This tent stove is as efficient as it is sturdy. The collapsible legs and 304 stainless steel make this tent stove super transportable.

The level shelves on the side make cooking easier and allows you to dry some wood or wet socks. A larger firebox means more heat, you can easily heat a big bell tent with this wood burning stove, so no more cold evenings while camping. An extra window on the side makes sure you can enjoy the warm atmosphere coming from the flames.

Note: Includes heat resistant Exit 45.

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Key Features of the Winnerwell Nomad View – Large

Level side shelves: On each side of the Nomad you can find shelves that a level with the stove top. These ensure that you have more space to cook, dry some more wood or hang your wet socks.

Extra window on the side: An extra window in the side of the stove allow the flames of the fire to illuminate your tent and provide a nice atmosphere on a cozy camp night.

Folding Legs: Sturdy leg attachments at welded directly onto the firebox. Short legs are included with the Woodlander and fold towards the firebox for easy set up and transport. Stainless steel locking pins and wing nuts ensure a stable base. Longer legs can be purchased separately to put more distance between the firebox and the floor, or to raise your cooking surface.

Air Intake adjustor: Turn the intake valve at the bottom of the firebox door to increase airflow to your fire. Close it to reduce airflow for a lower, slower burn.

Internal Burn Grate: Grates in the firebox allow air to get to your wood from below for more complete combustion and provide the ability to clean out ashes even when the fire is still burning.

Tempered Glass Window: Monitoring your fire is easy through the tempered glass window on the firebox door of the Winnerwell Nomad View. The airwash system mounted next to the window can be adjusted to keep your view of the flames clear.

Top Exit Flue Pipe System: The Nomad includes a top exit flue pipe system can be vented vertically through the canopy of a canvas tent with a stove jack. Top exiting the stove is recommended for extremely cold climates and large tents because the more flue pipe sections exposed to the inside of the tent, the more heat is introduced to the environment.

Ash Scraper: A long skinny stainless steel scraping blade is included with every Winnerwell to clean out ash from under the burning grate even when the stove is in use.

Airflow Controller: Gain more control by regulating the exiting smoke. You can prolong the burntime or regulate the temparture when coocking with a pipe oven.


The 4 legs attached to the stove are collapsible, all flue pipes fit in the stove itself and the racks on the side are collapsible as well. Not only is the stove compact, the stainless steel used for the stove is thin making the stove very light.

Heat Output and Efficiency

Equipped with several thoughtfully designed features to maximize heat output and efficiency. Baffle plates, air intake adjuster, cylinder stove body, and burn grates help this stove burn hot and radiate heat. The Airflow Controller can be installed in between the flue sections, so you’ll be able to control the intensity of the wood burning.


Canvas bell tents are not for use with open fire pits. Fire safety is the responsibility of the user. We encourage you to educate yourself and practice vigilant fire safety. Read our FAQ and blogs to learn more about fire safety. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. Always check local fire restrictions prior to starting a fire as rules and regulations may change frequently throughout the year. Breathe Bell Tents Australia cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to persons or property resulting from the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents. When using one of our Exits, we advise to leave a minimum distance of 1,5m (4ft) between the stove and the Exit.

Always use a carbon monoxide detector when using a wood burning stove inside your tent.


Stove Type Portable

Heat Energy3.5kW

Flue Exit Type Top

Exit Height 24cm



Flue Diameter 8.9 cm

Total weight (kg)17

Boxed Dimensions (1) (cm)44x35x28


  • Winnerwell Nomad View – Large
  • 4 Stove flue pipes (43cm/17″)
  • 1 Airflow controller (43cm/17″)
  • 1 Spark arrestor
  • Grate
  • Ashscraper
  • Door with glass window

Required but not included:



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