Quality Round Canvas Camping Tent with Canopy

There are so many beautiful spots to camp in Australia. There are few things more beautiful than pitching a tent beside a clear stream near a beautiful meadow, or in the desert under a clear night sky with a canopy of stars. It would be even better if your tent gave your camping adventure a bit of glamour – a tent that was more than a space to sleep. Perhaps a round canopy tent made of long-lasting canvas, with heavy duty accessories such as pegs, zip and ropes that will last many years presenting opportunities for different trips and uses.

Well, stop daydreaming because you can get this dream round canvas tent from Breathe Bell Tents Australia. Bell tents are world famous, and their history goes all the way back to the 1850s. We offer a wide variety of models and sizes of these beautiful tents for a variety of uses besides camping. They are perfect for guests when there is not enough room in the house. They make ideal summer houses. Our tents provide relaxing space outside at your holiday home. Your children will love them and want to camp out for weeks.

Find your perfect round camping or canopy tent

If you want a memorable camping experience, here are a few tips to improve your adventure.

First, make sure you select a good site. If you are in the woods, keep an eye out for fallen tree limbs or branches; that’s a sure signal to look for a more open spot. You don’t want a branch coming down on you in the middle of the night. If you’re camping near other folks, check the direction of the wind. It’s no fun to be breathing someone else’s smoke all night long.

If you dread the thought of getting into a cold sleeping bag, heat some water and pour it into a water bottle. Then drop the bottle into your bag about 15 minutes before you retire for the night. You can try a cold bottle of water if it’s a hot summer night and you’re worried a sleeping bag might be too warm and stuffy.

Enjoy a campfire at the end of the evening? You can cook dinner and have a pleasant fire late into the night with about 15 split log sections. If you bring wood rather than gather it, especially if you’re in an arid area, always bring along a bit extra, just in case, you decide to stay one more day, or it’s a bit chillier than you had planned.

The perfect tent for glamping

You can take our tents to astounding places and enjoy a sumptuous camping experience. We import our tents from Belgium, but you don’t have to worry about dealing with a foreign company. We are based in Sydney, and we pride ourselves on our before and after customer service. All our tents are made from the best 100% cotton canvas, are roomy, easy to set up and last many years. Your grown children will use them at some point in the future. When you want to see a gorgeous round camping tent, for yourself, please call to book a viewing appointment today.