Looking to buy luxury safari tents? Find them for sale at Breathe Bell Tents Australia!

As soon as winter makes way for warmer and brighter days, you yearn to be outside, and feel the sun on your skin. Your small apartment may be ever so cosy, but only when you’re outdoors, do you have the feeling that you can truly breathe. As you look out of your window, scanning the concrete buildings in your street and watching cars rush by, you realise that you urgently need a change of scenery. Australia is such a vast country, offering so much to explore and learn. You want to see trees, flowers, and animals. There’s adventure out there. Suddenly, you know what you want! You’ve always dreamt of going on a safari trip. Time and again, you’ve delayed it, but now you’re going to do it.

Planning is half the fun

As you switch on your computer to plan your safari, you’ve already decided that these all-in trips where you “undergo” your vacation instead of living it, won’t do. Strict rules and time constraints are a necessary evil in everyday life, but when you’re on vacation, you maintain a different pace and don’t take everything too seriously. You know a few good friends who live by the same philosophy, and already, you picture that lovely bunch together with you, driving from east to west or north to south, off the beaten track. You’ll admire the land as it bathes in the sunshine. You’ll hear the wind rustle through the leaves of the trees. The chance of spotting wildlife is so much bigger here, and you can hardly wait for night to fall so you can admire the stars.

An active vacation is your thing, with driving limited to a minimum, but using your own feet a must. You’ll need a place to rest after long walks. Such a place should be flexible but dependable, and you don’t like hotels. Before you know it, you’re browsing the internet for safari tents to buy. You’ve chanced on Breathe Bell Tents Australia, with an extensive offer of lightweight, easily transportable safari tents for sale in Australia. Best of all, they’re not in sheer nylon but instead, are crafted from breathable and sturdy canvas with a groundsheet that stays in place.

Roomy and easy to assemble luxury safari tents for sale in Australia

You picture your company of six or seven will sleep comfortably in a 5m Ultimate model. Adding an awning is an excellent idea to provide sitting space so that nobody will even dream of feeling cramped for room.

While the range offered at Breathe Bell Tents Australia looks positively delightful, you’re uncertain if assembling or dismantling such a temporary abode won’t be too complicated. The number of ropes, pegs and poles seem a bit daunting. How seriously can you take the claim that one person and 5 to 10 minutes are genuinely sufficient to erect our luxury safari tents? Put your mind at ease! Simply make an appointment for a demonstration at Maroubra Beach. We’ll be happy to show you how easy it is. As experienced campers, we’ll give you all the tips and hacks you need to know to make your safari vacation a success.