We Offer Sibley Bell Tents for Sale in Australia

It used to be that when you went camping, you took a small one- or two-person tent that barely kept out the rain and would take forever to set up. Many people still camp this way, but if are you interested in something a little more roomy and stylish, there is a solution: the Sibley bell tent. These spacious, easy to erect tents are perfect for the new camping past time known as glamping. Glamping is camping in nature with a touch of luxury. It’s finding your favourite outdoor spots while bringing along a little glamour and comfortable accessories.

If you want to try glamping in Australia, you do want to do it in a Sibley tent, and if you ‘re going to find the best Sibley tent for sale, you should contact us at Breathe Bell Tents Australia. We import the finest Sibley tents in Australia made from 100% durable canvas cotton. Sibley bell tents are based on the design of the teepees of the North American Plains Indians, whose conical shape made this the ideal tent. We’ve updated the design so that it’s easier to move around and a breeze to put up. It can be done by a single person in 10 minutes.

The most elegant Sibley tents in Australia

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when you go camping is “What food should I bring?” The answer to that question depends on how long you intend to stay camping (or glamping). If your plan is only to camp for a day or two, then you can go for a bit more luxury. Fresh bread, cheeses, and perhaps a nice cut of meat. If you’re using your Sibley tent at a festival or fair, you might go in for fresh fruits, maybe a bottle or two of excellent wine.

A more extended stay means better planning of the food you want to bring. If you’re planning on staying more than three or four days or hiking into a more remote area, you don’t want to carry a lot of food that might spoil or is too heavy. Think about using dehydrated foods. Once these foods were rather tasteless, but these days are quite yummy. They are also useful for those folks who might not enjoy cooking over an open campfire.

Bring lots of trail mix, and dried meats (like jerky) and fruit. These provide much-needed energy boosts during long hikes and tasty snacks when relaxing in a Sibley bell tent in a beautiful, remote setting.

Beautiful Sibley tents for sale

You can count on our excellent customer service before and after you buy one of our beautiful bell tents. We have a variety of models and sizes for every use, from luxury glamping to festival camping or a fantastic backyard tent for your children. Our tents promise a lifetime of adventure and will be used by your children to follow in your footsteps in years to come. When you want to view a selection of Sibley bell tents, call us today to set up an appointment.