Looking to buy a Yurt Tent? Find one for sale at Breathe Bell Tents Australia

Your better half and you have just uncorked a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. You raise glasses. As you sip, and the fizzling delicacy tickles your nose, you think back to your friends who called you mad, ten years ago, for putting yourselves so deeply into debt, buying a deserted Victorian estate with a dilapidated mansion. However, you held onto your dream, cleaning up the land, renovating the house, and turning it into a thriving bed & breakfast. Now that your efforts are turning into profit, you can consider expanding little by little. Your guests would be delighted that you have room for them, and there’s ample land available. Only, what would be the ideal accommodation for them? These people expect style which parallels the 19th-century main building. As you stare at the champagne in your glass, seeing tiny bubbles rise to the drink’s surface, an idea springs to mind.

Glamping in a yurt tent is at the same time a fun and stylish experience

As you drink, you imagine the champagne bubbles growing into round, beige-coloured tents on a clearing near the house. Inviting your guests to a “yurt tent in Australia” experience would be original and exciting. But where to find a yurt tent for sale? You rush to your computer, your better half following you with a querying look on the face. You switch on the laptop and explain as you Google to buy a yurt tent.

At Breathe Bell Tents Australia, we offer heavy-duty canvas tents in several sizes and three different models. Many of these have a circular conical shape; an excellent yurt tent look-alike. The constructions are super-simple to assemble with heavier duty pegs, poles, and guy ropes. Your guests’ accommodation will stay put for extended periods of time, even under the harshest weather conditions. While our 3m diameter Deluxe Bell Tent fits one queen-sized bed comfortably, our 6m diameter Emperor Twin Pro Bell Tent is so luxurious you can install it as a bridal suite.

Pepper us with questions

Should you feel a bit overwhelmed by the vast supply of different tents on our website, and feel uncertain which yurt tents to buy, don’t hesitate to call us and visit our showroom. Not only will you get a demonstration there, but we have a lifetime of experience to offer you too. There isn’t a practical glamping hack we don’t know. You’ll find out how to best care for the durable canvas and which oven or stove is the most efficient and safest fit.

Are you a fan of boho style, or do you prefer a romantic atmosphere? You might dress the inside of a yurt tent with Victorian furniture and decoration in line with your land’s central building, or take inspiration from photographs of real yurts as they are still being used by Mongolian nomads. Nothing has to keep you from furnishing each tent differently.

Do you plan on organising events? Consider placing two yurt tents with a bell tent connector in between. Similar to all our tents, this awning too is made from high-quality cotton. Imagine a dinner or a dance party inside with as many as two dozen guests, who revel in a yurt tent feeling in Australia.