Chandelier Single Tier




For the ultimate in hipster luxe camping, why not create a romantic scene with a purpose made bell tent chandelier?

Your bell tent will glow from the light of the candles, creating the most incredible atmosphere.


Our beautiful bell tent tea light candle chandelier holds 12 tea light candles clear glass holders. The chandelier hangs from the lanyard ring provided on the tent center pole/s. Candles not included.

Install the chandelier as the tent is being pitched.

The chandelier cannot be used simultaneously with an inner tent. The chandelier can be removed very easily and the inner tent set up in minutes if an inner tent is being used.

DISCLAIMER: Breathe Bell Tents Australia is not liable for any damage or injury resulting in the use of any manner of flame or heat source inside of any Breathe Bell Tent (0r other tent).

Also available as a Double Tier Chandelier.


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