Winnerwell Flashing Kit Large compatible with Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney 3.5” SKU 910452



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Flashing Kit Large       Patented Design

Designed to fit perfectly with the Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney 3.5″, the Winnerwell® Flashing Kit Large is made from silicone which resists high temperatures 240 ℃ and is held in place by stainless steel rings with six wing nuts. This Flashing Kit Large can be used to create a weather-tight seal on existing stove jacks or when installing a stove jack in a tent or shelter.  

WARNING: The Flashing Kit must be used with Triple-wall Heat Protector Chimney 3.5″. There is a risk of melting if install the Flashing Kit on stove pipe directly.



Material: Silicone collar + AISI304 Stainless Steel rings
Inner Diameter: 150mm / 5.9in
Outer Diameter: 260mm / 10.2in
Height: 112mm / 4.4in  
Net Weight: 0.6kg / 1.3lbs

Flashing Kit must be installed at the position below the 5th row of the holes of the Heat Protector Chimney. If there’s an installation angle, please must make sure that any position of the Silicone part of the Flashing Kit must below the 5th row of these holes as well. We recommend to purchase Winnerwell® Short Pipes separately for height adjustment to meet the above specified position requirement.
WARNING: Temperature at the top part of the Heat Protector Chimney is high, the Silicone part must avoid the position of the upper cooling holes.

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