Clean and Re-waterproof your Bell Tent

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For mould removal, spray exterior of tent with Wet And Forget, spray with using the below or similar and leave the tent for a week. Initially it may seem as if nothing is happening and towards the end of the week mould and mildew will disappear. Ensure an even spray::


For the removal of the black mould staining, many have had great success
with a brand called Concrobium, it’s product Mould stain eraser
peroxide derived from Thyme, which isn’t particularly harsh on the
canvas or has any harmful environmental afterlife.


A common issue amongst camper trailer, tent and caravan owners, is packing up the canvas material before it’s 100% dry, or storing it in a humid location for an extended period of time. Next time the camper trailer, tent or caravan canvas is unfolded, there is minor and sometimes heavy mould growth. Once mould gets into canvas or similar heavy fabrics, it takes a lot of elbow grease to remove, and quite often the mould will not come out without leaving stains… if at all. We have the solution.




There are many different types available in the market, I’d recommend
applying a water based one for environmental consideration and also
better breathability after application. I’ve used Bradproof with

Soapy Water:

warm soapy water is fine as long as the soap isn’t too strong (as in
detergent that can be abrasive to fabric). I personally don’t use this
step very often.

Bird droppings:

I usually brush off bird dropping when everything is dry… otherwise
let the rain and sun take care of it, it will disappear soon enough.


vinegar is something that can be done in between the deep cleans with
product. Think of the vinegar as a mid maintenance step that can be
done on a more regular basis. This can also be done with borax.


The waterproofing step will be done after cleaning proceedures such as
concrobium moud stain eraser or heavy Borax treatment.

Commercial Cleaning: