A love story……Bell Tent Love


Breathe Bell Tents are purveyors of beautiful, breathable 100% cotton canvas tents:

The ‘Bell Tent’.

The ‘bell tent’ is a classical design that has stood the test of time. Originally designed by Henry Hopkins Sibley following research carried out studying the Native American Tipi in America. Sibley patented his design in 1858. Bell tents have been widely used by the American and British armies, testament to their hardwearing nature and practical design.

Bell tents during WW1

The simple conical design has evolved over the years, to what it is today: a lightweight, practical and stylish tent that can be erected by one person, in less than ten minutes.

Bell Tent during Wolrd War 1

Our tents have been rigorously tested in the harsh Australian climate. They withhold thunder and lightning and remain watertight even after prolonged rainfall. The canvas can withstand the harsh Australian sunshine.

5m Ultimate Bell Tent Canvas Camping Tent

Bell Tents are ideal for camping; as a garden chill out; for surf trips; to be used as a sunshade (the groundsheet can also be removed completely); for children’s birthday parties; for school camps, girl guides and boy scouts; as an outdoor movie theatre; for festivals; for country and vineyard weddings; or they can simply be set up on the lawn as a spare room or cubby house for the children to play in.

4.5m diameter Ultimate Bell Tent

Bell Tents send any child’s imagination into over drive, conjuring images of Arabian princes, American Indians, a Big Top for the circus, paleontologists digging for dinosaurs, explorers on an African safari, soldiers in the army, the list goes on.


Most of all they will create amazing memories for anyone who spends time in one. Once you’ve sampled a bell tent you will not look back.

4m diameter Bell Tent Canvas Tent

My personal love affair with the bell tent started as a baby, when my parents traveled from Wales to Italy, with a bell tent, in a yellow Fiat 500 named Buttercup…

4m diameter Bell Tent Fiat 500

Each summer we would pitch the bell tent in the garden, playing in it as small children, seeking shade, seeking warmth, our imaginations running wild. As we grew older camped further afield, but still on my parents land, then as teenagers we took it to music and dance festivals… Jump forward a few years and I have a family of my own… Different continent, different climate. Still the ideal tent.

4m diameter Bell Tent West Wales

For more images of the beloved bell tent visit:  www.belltent.com.au/gallery/

4m diameter Ultimate PRO Bell tent 5 3 4m diameter Ultimate Bell tent

4m diameter Ultimate PRO Bell Tent

The Ultimate PRO Bell Tent with Mosquito Mesh walls and mosquito mesh door, the perfect design for the Australian climate.

4.5m diameter Bell tent 4.5m diameter Bell Tent with mesh sides 4.5m PROTECH Bell Tent