Australian Connection with the Sibley Pattern Bell Tent – the quintessential Australian Tent?

Engineers in Australia bell tents were used as temporary accomodation

The Sibley pattern Bell Tent is seeing a resurgence with the glamping movements across Europe and now Australia, with luxury camping and festivals across the globe and the movement is gaining momentum here in Australia, but the design is not at all new to Australia and in fact this conical design was used a great deal between the 1880’s and the 1940’s. Craig Brown has been kind enough to share with me some stunning photographs that he gathered whilst researching an article for his magazine on the quintessential Aussie tent.

These photographs show the tent being used in both military and civilian use. What a joy these photographs are to behold!

bell_tent_ Australia Belltent_Australia Belltent_Australia1 Belltent_Australia2 belltent_Australia5 Belltent_Australia6 belltent_Australia7 belltent_Australia78 BelltentAustralia3 belltentAustralia4 BelltentAustralia45