Are Bell Tents good for long term Glamping use?

More and more people are using our bell tents as semi-permanent structures, pitched for much of the year or all year round. With varying degrees of success. 

Our bell tents have been designed for casual camping, pitched for a week here, a weekend there, a road trip… and used in this way, and well maintained, cleaned regularly, packed away dry, your bell tent should last many years.

Pitched as a permanent structure in the varied and often harsh climate in Australia it is hard to predict how the tents will fare. 

We have customers who have their tents pitched year round and replace the canvas uppers annually in order to keep the tents fresh and new. 

Used in this way our Glamping customers will usually have a maintenance and cleaning plan in place. 

Others have pitched their tents, left them up without any cleaning or maintenance plans in place and then are surprised when mould and mildew starts to form. 

It is important to keep expectations in place. These are tents made from natural cotton canvas. Designed for camping. But also stunning, and appealing to many as entry level Glamping tents.

Consider the climate in which the tent will be pitched.

Humidity, damp and cold can lead to mould and mildew.

Dry heat is ideal. But the strength of the UV also needs to be considered. Harsh UV rays can also disintegrate the canvas, leading to tears, the area at the top of the tent, from which the whole bell tent hangs can be weakened. 

We encourage you to take good care of your tent. Pitch it for when it is in use and pack it away, clean and dry when it is not in use. 

If you have a wooden platform on which to pitch your tent, then great, this will keep the area clean and well ventilated for when your tent is pitched.

If you are pitching your bell tents as a commercial venture, factor into your business plan that they will need to be replaced. In some cases annually.

Come the end of the year you can consider on-selling the tents or donating to non profit organisations who may have a use for them.