Can I live in my Bell Tent?

Our bell tents were originally and still are, designed and intended for casual use, for Glamping occasions where the tents are set up and packed away and cleaned regularly.

More and more people are using our bell tents for longer periods of time and for this purpose we recommend the use of our Pro and Protech bell tents have been designed for use over longer periods of time.

If using for extended periods of time the manufacturing defects warranty still stands, but any defects in the canvas will not be covered as the durability comes down to care and maintenance, position of bell tent and climate.

The warranty is not valid when you live inside your tent or when you use it for commercial applications, although we will try to prevent and correct any problems that may arise under those circumstances.

Our Pro and Protech bell tents are produced using a heavier-duty canvas (360gsm), a mesh door, heavy-duty guy ropes and pegs and have been treated thoroughly against mould. Consequently, these tents are a heavier duty, more durable bell tent.

Our Pro and Protech Tents are equipped with a heavy duty 650 gsm groundsheet that is attached to the tent by means of a heavy duty zipper.

This said, our bell tents have been designed for casual camping, this can be extended to longer camping trips but we do not recommend living in your bell tent for long periods of time, or at least if you do so keep your expectations in check, knowing that these are tents made from canvas, which although durable, will get mouldy if left damp/if not drying out properly etc. 

Additionally, if you’re using your bell tent for long periods of time, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the tent is kept clean, that waterproofing and anti-mould agents are re-applied regularly and as required. That any mould spores are cleaned off immediately and agents are used to kill the mould such as vinegar or clove oil or heavier duty agents available in many camping stores or hardware stores.