Does the bell tent arrive with everything needed to pitch it? Or do I need to buy additional groundsheets and protectors?

The bell tents arrive with everything needed to pitch them, the heavy duty groundsheet zipped to the canvas, the pegs, poles ang guy ropes.

The additional groundsheets and protectors are all additional extras which some people like to further protect the tent, if camping beneath trees from leaf debris or the additional groundsheet for a quicker packaway.

Or they are items that replacement items.

The bell tents arrive good to go, ideally if you are able to pitch them and give them a good soaking with a hose to really soak the canvas, allowing the fibres of the canvas to expand and the seams to become completely sealed and the waterproofing agent soaks into the canvas.

With time the waterproofing agent will need to be re-applied and there are many products available on the market.