Intended use of a bell tent

Bell tents are intended for regular camping and leisure use.

Although many people are using bell tents for temporary glamping accomodation, bell tents have not been designed to be a permanent shelter. They are primarily a temporary structure.

Bell tents are classed as a Touring Tent (type T) in accordance with ISO 5912. The average touring tent user will use their tent for up to two week long bursts, up to three times a year. They will pack and store their tent away dry in-between uses.

We are aware that many bell tents customers do choose to use their bell tent for long periods at a time, and in some instances as a permanent shelter (some with far more success than others).

Specifically, our bell tents are designed for use in temperate climates during spring and summer. Using bell tents outside of this scope will likely affect their longevity.

If using your bell tent for extended periods of time we do recommend re-waterproofing your bell tent every 4-24 weeks depending on the climate or as required.

Always keep an eye out for mould spores and check that water falling onto the canvas is beading and rolling off.