Which bell tent protector should we use, CoolAir or regular?

If you’re looking for a longer lasting, more durable protector the CoolAir protector is definitely the one to go for. It’s made from a lovely quality shade sail material which will protect the tent from the elements, shade the canvas, keeping the tent approximately 2 degrees cooler overall: we carried out experiements last summer with two bell tents set up over summer with one with the CoolAir protector, the other with nothing, the temperature was taken inside the tent at various times of day and on the whole the one with the protector was two degrees cooler.

It will also protect the tent from the rain and wil ensure the canvas lasts longer overall.

Recently the two tents were taken down and the canvas of the tent with the protector was much stronger and less weather damaged overall.

The rain cover regular protector is better suited to casual campers, as it packs down smaller and is great for use when pitching beneath trees and wanting to protect the bell tent from bird poo, lef debris and sap when pitched beneath trees or to add an extra layer of protection against rain.