Which tent fits more people for a chill out at a party, the 6m Emperor Twin or the 6m Protech Bell Tent?

The 6m Protech double door has a 28m square footprint and two doors with a frames, one at front and one at back, so plenty of standing space from front to back.

The 6m twin has a smaller footprint as it is 6m wide by 4m deep which makes it approximately 20m square, but it has more usable space in some ways…

Here is a link to a blog post showing photographs of the 6m twin bell tent interior:


The 6m Protech can be pitched by one person alone, whereas the 6m Twin bell tent needs to be pitched by two people.

Both are very popular as a chill out for parties, I’d say go for the one you prefer the aesthetic and feel of…  some people prefer the glamour of the Emperor Twin, others prefer the more traditional bell tent design of the 6m double door…

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