Wind Resistance/Wind Rating

Our bell tents have been tested extensively, for instance at the Burning Man festival. This Nevada desert-based festival is well known for its wind gusts and dust storms. The strong winds and dust storms did not affect our bell tents at all, while regular igloo tents literally flew away. Bell tents are thus not only durably built, but also extremely aerodynamic. If you leave your tent standing outside in very windy conditions without taking care for it, adjusting the guy ropes or properly pegging down your tent, the central pole may break. We advise you not to use our bell tents in harsh weather conditions with wind gusts over 40km/h. We can also vouch for the fact that we have been in some huge storms in our bell tents and the conical shape means they stay up to the wind amazingly well, the wind circulates around the tent and there are no flat surfaces to catch the wind.