Roughing it in Style with a Bell Tent, Armadillo & Co Rugs and Kip & Co Bedding

A throw back to a glorious weekend of roughing it in style a number of brands with a similar ethos towards sustainability, quality natural materials and items that will last a lifetime.

Breathe Bell Tents, bunch of glorious rugs from Armadillo & Co, luxurious bedding by Kip & Co the cult Australian bedding brand and Carlie Ballard’s first collection of ethical clothing.

Carlie Ballard is a pioneering Australian fashion brand advocating forĀ ethical and sustainable practices, and quality, independent design.

Often the traditional way to do something is the best way. This is the philosophy behind the eponymous label of Carlie Ballard who take simple silhouettes to the next level using fabric made via traditional weaving.

Not one to settle for simply looking good, Carlie Ballard’s clothing is good, too, because it’s made using fair labour practices, whilst causing minimal environmental impact.

Armadillo and Co’s goal is to sustain and elevate age old methods through a contemporary design process. Armadillo & Co products are 100% handmade, using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibres. Their rugs lie lightly on this earth.

Breathe Bell Tents have been designed for longevity with thickĀ durable canvas and heavy duty groundsheets, the strongest zips and heavy duty guy ropes, pegs and poles with the aim that these are items that will last year after year.

It’s not about seasons and we don’t work to trends. There’s a sense of nostalgia in our tents that we believe will always be relevant… Our tents are crafted to be well loved and used over and over.

If you ever fall out of love with your bell tent, please pass them on so they can be loved again.

xx Lucy

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