Whats the expected life of a bell tent/cost of repairs?

The life expectancy of a bell tent really depends on how much it is used, what climate it is used in, how well the tent is maintained (cleaned, re-waterproofed as required, packed away bone dry). Many of the Glamping companies we supply if pitching in a semi permanent situation will factor annual replacements into their business plan to ensure the tents remain crisp and clean. They can often on-sell the used tents to avoid them going into landfill.

Used for events a few weeks each month and pitched just one or two days at a time your tent will last much longer. Just be sure to always pitch the tent well, pack away dry and clean as required.

If your tent does tear we have a product called Tear Aid: https://www.belltent.com.au/product/tear-aid-immediate-repair-of-tears-and-holes/ for small tears or https://www.belltent.com.au/product/tear-aid-all-purpose-repair-roll-type-a/ for larger tears and similarly if you manage to get a hole in the groundsheet we have: https://www.belltent.com.au/product/tear-aid-b-bell-tent-repair-for-tears-and-holes/

If your tent is dirty or gets very mouldy, Vacuwash are in North Sydney and will clean your tent completely, making it good as new:


And if you have a particularly large tear then sailmakers and shade sailmakers can generally help.