What is the life expectancy and cost of repairs of a bell tent?

We’re often being asked what the life expectancy of a bell tent and this is a very difficult question to answer, as it will depend upon so many factors!

How much is the bell tent being used? 

How long is it pitched for at any one time?

What is the climate in which it is pitched? 

What is the UV rating, how much rain, how much humidity etc etc.

Are they pitched in full sun, partial shade or full shade?

How well is the bell tent maintained, is the tent being cleaned as required, re-waterproofed as required? 

Where is the tent being stored? 

Is the tent being packed away bone dry every time?

It’s really the same question ‘how long is a piece of string?’

Many glamping companies are using their bell tents in a semi permanent situation, some with more success than others. The level of success often depends upon their location (bell tents are certainly better suited to dryer climates and humidity tends not to be a bell tents best friend) and those with more success will have a maintanence programme in place, ensuring the tents are regularly cleaned, ventilated and re-waterproofed.

Many glamping companies using their bell tents in a semi permanent situation are factoring into their business annual replacements to ensure the tents remain crisp and clean.

Thus 12 months continuous use seems to be a length of time that a tent will remain reasonably clean and fresh. With this in mind, we can expect that used for casual camping, with a week over summer, a week at Easter and another week in Spring, an average of 3-4 weeks a year, and well maintained, you can expect your bell tent to last approximately 12 years.

Bell tents hold their value and an old bell tent can be spruced up and given a new lease of life. Cleaned by the likes of Vacuwash Australia and re-waterproofed using a product such as Bradproof or  303® Marine Fabric Guard your tent can come up as good as new.

Used for events a few weeks each month and pitched for just one or two days at a time your tent will last much longer. Just be sure to always pitch the tent well, pack away dry and clean as required.

If your tent does tear, we’ve a product called Tear Aid  https://www.belltent.com.au/product/tear-aid-immediate-repair-of-tears-and-holes/ for small tears or https://www.belltent.com.au/product/tear-aid-all-purpose-repair-roll-type-a/ for larger tears and similarly if you manage to get a hole in the groundsheet we have https://www.belltent.com.au/product/tear-aid-b-bell-tent-repair-for-tears-and-holes/

If your tent is dirty, for gentle spot cleaning we use https://www.belltent.com.au/product/on-guard-cleaner-concentrate/

or if your tent gets very mouldy, Vacuwash in North Sydney and will clean your tent completely, making it good as new:


And if you’ve a particularly large tear then sail makers and shade sail makers can generally help.

If you have any questions about bell tent maintenance please don’t hesitate to contact Breathe Bell Tents!