Caring for your canvas bell tent

DUTY OF CARE  WHEN DO I NEED TO RE-WATERPROOF MY TENT? Solar radiation affects the waterproofness of your tent. After 8 to 25 weeks of use the fabric will be less waterproof. This can easily be

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Awnings – Safari Glamour

100% Cotton Canvas Awnings the Ultimate in Safari Glamour Available in a range of sizes not listed on the website – for more information email hello@belltent.com.au DESCRIPTION Made from a high quality cotton, 320 g/m².

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Boho Brights Glamping Furnishings and Accessories

Lekkel & Co Lekkel & Co was established in Melbourne Australia in 2014 by husband and wife team, Kel & Ross; who enjoy an outdoors lifestyle with family and friends. They wanted to design durable fabrics

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Doctor Doctor Channel 9 TV series Glamping Episode 4 Breathe Bell Tents, glamping movement gaining momentum here in Australia

New Season Doctor Doctor Channel 9 Glamping Accomodation

After a spectacular fall from grace, high-flying heart surgeon Dr Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) receives a life-changing punishment from the Medical Tribunal – he is forced to work for a year as a country GP

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Off Road with Breathe Bell Tents Australia

Breathe Bell Tents Australia Off Road What better way to spend a weekend than off road with a bunch of friends, quality camp food, a bell tent, a warm fire and some good tunes 🙂

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The Girl Campaign, Promoting good self esteem and positive body image amongst girls and women. Workshops with a bell tent donated by Breathe Bell Tents Australia

4m Ultimate Bell Tent Raffle

Suicide Prevention Fundraising Raffle Breathe Bell Tents is thrilled to collaborate with Surfing Mums Australia to raise money for a cause that we believe in, the Suicide Prevention Group: Lifeline. The “Lifeline Classic” is a tag

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Rock Your Baby

Rock Your Baby Pyjama Party and Pillow Fights! They are the kids who break all the rules. The kids who were born to lead not follow. They are the trailblazers. They are the kids who

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Glamping Bathroom Amenities Design Ideas - Breathe Bell Tents Australia Inspo

Glamping Bathrooms and Amenities

Bathrooms and amenities are an area of concern for many when considering glamping.

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What is Glamping?

GLAMPING  What is glamping? For those who love the outdoors, but can’t sacrifice the comforts of home (or have a spouse who can’t), there is glamping. The ‘Glamping’ concept has been gaining momentum overseas and now

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Outdoor bathrooms | The Ultimate in Glamping | Breathe Bell Tents Australia

OUTDOOR BATHROOMS THE ULTIMATE IN GLAMPING CHIC BATHING UNDER THE STARS There is nothing quite as beautiful as bathing under the stars or showering in the midsts of nature. Images via Pinterest